1.                  The League to be called "Downham and District E.B.A. Triples Bowls League".


2. The League Management Committee shall consist of the Secretary, N. Carter, plus two members R. Lunn & A. Covell who have been appointed at the annual Triples League meeting


3.                  Membership, by invitation, open to Clubs affiliated to Bowls England, if approved by the Committee.


4. Entry fees (15-00) per side, and payment to reach the Secretary by April 1st 2019. Cheques are to be made payable to Downham and District EBA Triples Bowls League.


5. Club sides to consist of four teams of Triples playing three bowls each member. If one player is absent at the start of play then that rink may play with 2 players only (3 bowls each). If in more than one rink a player is short then those rinks will forfeit 2 points and 20 shots. If in the one defaulting rink the player is ready to play before the fifth end has been completed then that player can play, but may not play as Skip. The score in the defaulting rink will stand.


6. In all League matches, two points will be awarded to a winning triple, and one point for a draw. Two points will also be awarded to the side with the highest number of shots. MAXIMUM POINTS TEN.


7. All games to commence by the time stated on the fixture list. No trial ends allowed. Home team to have choice of rinks except in the Final when rinks will be drawn by a member of the committee. No less than two Triples can fulfil a fixture. Any Triple unable to play will forfeit two points and TWENTY shots.


8. Matches to be played on the fixture date, or may be played (a) earlier in the season, (b) not later than the Sunday in which week the fixture is due to be played by mutual agreement. Extensions will be allowed when a side is playing in a fixed date County Competition and, for inclement weather conditions. When a fixture is not played because of a side playing in a County Competition then that fixture must be completed before the next weeks first fixture is due. In the event of a match not being played because of inclement weather conditions the Home Side must offer two dates to their opponents within 36 hours, one of which the opposition must accept. All fixtures must be played, as per Rule 8. Games cannot be forfeited for any reason. Games not played will result in the sides involved losing all points scored for and points scored against them.


9. In the event of inclement weather (including bad light) the match may be curtailed at twelve or fifteen ends subject to agreement being reached by the Captains before the fifth and eighth ends respectively. A game where at least 48 completed ends overall have been played will constitute a result when no further play is mutually considered to be practical.


10. If the Final cannot be played or completed because of inclement weather on the day, it will be played on the following Saturday.


11. All players are to be paid up members of the Club they represent and One Lady Member per rink may play in any position. All players can represent only one Club and one side of that Club. Any player in default will lose his side TEN points for each game played. A Club in default will not be invited to enter a side in The Downham and District Triples Bowls League the following season.


12. All games to be played according to W.B.C/mark rules unless amended herein. Bowls England Variations to apply.


13. At the end of each match, points are to be agreed by each Captain and the result cards (supplied) forwarded by the Home side Captains, or their representatives after having been signed by both Captains to:- Allan Covell 3 Mill Lane, Downham Market, Norfolk PE38 9QT as soon as possible after the match and by first class post please. Alternatively results may be Emailed on the form provided and is available on the Downham Triples League Website at


14. In 2019 the winning Club will hold the Brighton Cup for one year and receive 79.80 which includes 11.40 towards engraving costs. Runners up will receive 45.60 and the losing Semi-Finalists 22.80. Each Zone Runner-up 11.40. A donation of 11.40 will go to the NBA Benevolent Fund. The winner is responsible for the engraving and will receive the allowance as stated.


15. The Management Committee, whose decision shall be final, will decide any matters of dispute arising, not covered by these rules.


16. No refreshments should be provided at any League game. Only liquid refreshment if available.


17. In all League games and semi-finals, dress to be white or Club shirts that have been registered with the Norfolk Bowls (WBA/EBA) Association, above the waist, grey approved bowlswear for Ladies/Gents below the waist, and brown/grey/white or black approved bowls shoes.


18. League fixtures will take place, where possible, in July and August. The Final will be played at the Downham Market B.C. and is to be played in WHITES/GREYS White or Club shirts above the waist. Brown/grey/white shoes may be worn.


19. When entering two or more sides the "A" side must, and will, be assumed to be the stronger side.


20. The 3 Zone winners plus the best Runner-Up (on points average, and shot difference if applicable) will play in the Semi-Finals.


21. In the Semi-Finals an extra scoring end is to be played on the green of the first drawn Zone winner. The teams to play the extra end must be nominated before the start of the game. One team from each side to play on a neutral rink until a result has been achieved on the same day. Please note:- The Semi Finals and Final is to be decided as per rule 6. In the final, if the game is drawn after the stipulated number of ends have been played, ALL rinks are to play extra ends until a winner is decided.


22. Throughout the 2019 season the above rules will be strictly adhered to. No games to be called off due to not being able to field the full complement of players. Matches can be played with Four men and Two Ladies to complete the fixture.



N. Carter Hon Sec